Rita Ofili


She is a seasoned professional of 10 years experience in providing consulting and engineering solutions on all
aspects of building construction projects, HSE and Technical Safety services to internal and external clients.
At SCSP, she is responsible for ensuring compliance with corporate safety standards, implements safety directives,
improve safety performance, and ensures Company safety policies and procedures are aligned with governmental

Safety Consultants & Solutions Provider Lagos, Nigeria         July 2018 to Present
  •  Developing proposals and documentation for environmental, occupational Audits, training, and other services on HSE in line
    with ISO 18001, 9001 & 14001 and Technical safety services in line API, IEC and other industry specified standard for
    review by Lead.
     Prioritization and coordinate of HSE activities (Inspection, servicing and installation) and work as a team with HSE support
    services — for internal and external clients.
     Development of library of standards in respect of point 1 and 2 above.
     Preparation, formatting of company documentation, proposals in line with QMS 9001 for technical safety and HSE bids.
     Provision of technical safety services (HAZOPs, SIL, HAZID, Lessons Learnt and other PHA methodology) which include
    but not limited to review of documentation, mark-up of P&IDs, scribing for session, preparation of report and follow-up till
     Ensure up to date software for PHA studies and certification
     Chair and formulate & distribute minutes for the Health & Safety Committee meetings. Ensure close out report and
     Provision of induction, training instruction and support to all asset personnel in relevant areas of HSE
     Ensure that all accidents are documented and report submitted to lead, investigated and recommended improvements
     Co-ordinate the development of health & safety policies, systems of work and procedures.
     Perform random site inspection and audit
     Continuous staff training at least 4- 5 times a month.
     Participate in knowledge sharing / best practice across company assets to aid delivery of HSE performance & KPI’s
     Develop and implement live HSE, project specific policy and update regularly.
     Supervise the supply/use/replacement and inspection of safety equipment to all sections.
     Develop operational safety manual and procedures aimed at total quality management system
     Ensure the management of the emergency response plans arrangements providing training and guidance on roles and
    responsibilities and arranging duty roasters as appropriate
    Provide training and guidance to sales team on HSE services.
     Coordinated training to all the staff of Legend Hilton Hotel on fire mitigation on all their facilities for the well-being of all
    their client.