a seasoned safety practitioner endowed with excellent communication and reporting skills. As a quality assurance engineer, I develop processes and procedures that conform to the regulation and industry best practices. My problem-solving skills and attributes have played a vital role in my ability to implement quality control on exquisite building projects (costing over a five (5) billion naira), with a team of highly experienced professionals. As a fire safety consultant, I carry out fire safety case studies for building/organization owners on strategic fire protection master plans and verify that the implementation processes are duly followed.

Quality control and assurance engineering


  • Ensure that Project Verification Plan and dependent systems and procedures are developed and implemented in compliance with the requirements of the Quality Management System (QMS) and Project Management System (PMS) consistent with specific location, regulatory and contractual requirements.
  • Verify the accuracy of outbound documents
  • Develop active fire safety philosophy and risk management systems for multi-business sectors
  • Develop processes and procedures to conform with the regulations and industry best practices
  • Negotiate and agree on in-house quality procedures
  • Ensure that safety needs of clients are met according to the relevant codes of practice
  • Ensure that all necessary quality control records are identified and retained accordingly