Fire Safety

Our OEM and NFPA certified engineers use licensed software developed in line with NFPA, BS and BC codes from our partners for the development philosophy of fire safety risk assessments, active and passive fire protection, modelling, and fire safety system engineering. We work through all stages of the project lifecycle including concept, FEED and detailed engineering, construction, commission and de-commissioning. Special services offered include design & system integrity testing. This ensures availability, adequacy, reliability and maintainability of all systems as per design scenarios in NFPA 101 and Fire and Explosion Risk Assessment.


  • Passive and Active Fire Safety Philosophy.
  • Fire Safety Design Case.
  • Water based Suppression System Design and Implementation (Stand Pipe, Hydrant, Hose Reel, Sprinklers).
  • Gaseous Suppression System Design and Implementation (FM-200, Water Mist, Inergen, CO2, Novec, Argonite).
  • Fire & Alarm and Detection System Design and Installation (VESDA, Addressable, Conventional etc).
  • Installed system Integrity check, Audit and Maintenance.
  • Training and certification.