A creative and strategic communications specialist who utilizes
exceptional design and planning to present the company in the best
possible light to customers and the public.

With an exceptional track record of client satisfaction, Diane is adept
in trustworthy liaison between clients and the company to establish
product/service liability through integrity, dependability and
unparalleled customer service.

She is a dynamic and highly motivated communications coordinator,
with a solid grasp of both traditional and modern communications
processes and experience in engaging members of diverse communities,
government agencies and private organizations in strategic marketing
ventures to develop cross-functional relationships that contribute to
business growth and brand awareness.

Diane is passionate and well versed in serving all client orders and
concerns expeditiously and accurately. Corresponding with the sales
team to ensure clients are always happy with services and products. This
is indicated in company profits and enhanced reputation.

Her excellent interpersonal and organizational skills combined with
sound technical expertise pertaining to web content and social media
platforms produces a remarkable level of audience engagement and
maintains an overall positive image of the company.