The shrewd sees the danger and conceals himself”

The choice of purchasing certified gas fire suppression system and counterfeit gas fire suppression equipment is a matter of life and death.

You may believe that there is no difference in the product you are receiving and that you are saving money, but it may end up costing you more in the long run.

Most items installed by the fire protection industry are required to adhere to certain guidelines. Even if you have been advised correctly of the product that you need and buy a genuine product from a third party, there is a lot more to meeting fire safety requirements.

Products still need to be commissioned by someone who has been competently trained to do so. They will perform checks to confirm the item is in the correct working condition and make sure that the product is installed in accordance with International Standards. These checks then need to be periodically maintained to ensure the product remains to standard.

Safety Consultants and Solutions Provider has come up with practical solutions for detecting counterfeit gas fire suppression system, training consultancy as well as strategies for sanitizing the market.

Our training modules in the 400 series include:


Accepted Standard, Benchmarks & standard methodology for all Life and safety certified products and standard for factory acceptance include all product design, measures that facilitate a safe evacuation by residents and/or occupants in case of fire or other emergency


Accepted Standard, Benchmarks & standard methodology for all Life and safety standard for credible OEM’s and certified manufacturers.

Buying cheap fire protection products is a lottery that no one can afford to be playing. Fake products make dangerous situations worse, endangering the user and potentially the attending fire crew too.

All fire protection products need to be rigorously tested and proven to be fit for purpose, reliable and efficient. Cheap products are unlikely to have passed through the recognized approval processes. You cannot be sure the product you are getting will perform in the event of an emergency, unless the product has been brought from a reputable supplier and commissioned by a competent person.

Safety Consultants and Solutions Provider are very careful about the products we install, selecting them based on the manufacture quality and performance. We are not aligned with any particular manufacturer, so we are always able to recommend the best product for the job. We also have a range of accreditations and qualifications confirming the standard of our services.

We strongly advise anyone who is thinking of cutting corners to reconsider and think of the risks.

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