In this context, an injury is harm or damage to the body caused by external force.

Sustaining injuries on a construction site, warehouses and such business places that require Manuel labor is very common.  However, there are also quite a number of injuries that can be sustained in a n office that presents a safety issue. Common DANGERS in the office workplace are:


1.0. TRIPS, FALLS AND SLIPS caused commonly  but not limited to;

  • Slippery floor
  • Loose cables
  • Loose/Broken/Faulty tables, and drawers
  • Faulty chairs
  • Loose carpets/rug
  • Open drawers
  • Objects left lying carelessly on the floor
  • Spillage/wet floor
  • Standing on chairs to reach a height
  • Overloaded or improperly arranged cupboards and shelves

These can be prevented by very simple control measures some of which are detailed below:

  • Ensure  cables/wires are properly placed out of walkways
  • Build the culture of placing things in their proper place in the employees
  • Place warning signs for slippery/wet floor
  • Report loose carpets/rug, broken tables, drawers and chairs to maintenance dept. to fix them immediately.
  • Do not overload cupboards and shelves.  
  • Also arrange things properly in cupboards and shelves
  • Use a proper ladder to reach a high location

2.0. LIFTING HEAVY OBJECTS is also a frequect source of injury to personnel. Body positioning is key to avoid being hurt. When lifting do not bend to lift heavy objects, squat instead and keep your back straight.

3.0 ELECTRICAL injuries include electric shock from wrong wiring, damaged wire, live wires and broken or faulty sockets. PREVENTION IS VERY IMPORTANT. Simply ensuring all hardware and wiring are in perfect condition, checking electrical equipment for fault regularly and dispose faulty, damaged or ones that are no longer working, covering all exposed wires and placement of electric hazard sign around high voltage equipment goes a long way to prevent these.

4.0. SIGHT INJURY is not commonly thought of. Most of us in order to get our work done sit in front and look at computer screen all day.  This can cause eye strain, red eyes, irritation and can decrease the employees ability to focus.  To prevent sight injury use a monitor screen on your computer. LIGHTING:- Like computer poor lighting system in the office can also cause sight injury. This can be prevented by ensuring the whole office area is bright enough.

6.0. WORKSTATION ERGONOMICS include using the wrong type of chairs and/or tables causes musculoskeletal Disorders (MDS) pains in the muscles, bones and joints.


  • Set tables at an appropriate height
  • Use chairs with adjustable height and back
  • Place keyboard and mouse at a level you do not have to lean or stretch to reach them.
  • Place computer screen to avoid hunching forward to use it

Article by Mrs. Uche Dike




Uche Dike

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